• Being self-aware enables us to become aware of our own behaviours, beliefs, motivations, limitations, as well as our strengths and our weaknesses. It empowers us with the knowledge for self and how our behaviour impacts others.
  • Everybody has their own way of dealing with things, we study their natural behaviour and identify the potentials that inspire them, and align their purpose to their effectiveness and efficiency in their job role.
  • Organisations look for people who are self motivated, who can lead themselves and be part of the team as well.
  • The future needs us humans to be connected with our values and lead from the heart.


  • As per the recent statistics, approximately 64% of students, choose a career that does not fit in with their orientations,their interests and hence they end up with feelings of frustrations and a disconnect with the external world. The influence of peers, the society and the belief system, are usually responsible for this situation which is ever prevalent in our youth today.
  • At Futurwits, we have designed a Proactive approach to guide the students discover the career that feeds their purpose and provides them the opportunity to utilise their talents and skills that are natural to them.
  • Our tool “Career 10X” combines the science of Behaviour and the power of the skills to provide the youth with a roadmap to discover the career that will be the best suited to them and the skills that they will need to excel in it. It provides for a wholistic development plan where in we enhance the skills, modify the behaviour and guide them to identify the future course of action.
  • The benefit of these assessments is that they bring to light the in depth information about a person, and highlights the facts which are of paramount significance when deciding upon a career. Their choices are not just limited to their grades in school/ college or their performance in certain subjects. It goes beyond these limits and assesses individuals on their interest, their natural behavioural tendencies, their comfort zone, their communication style and their inherent skills.