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True to its theme, “Tiny changes, Remarkable results,” the book Atomic Habits talks about small habits that will change your lifestyle and so, your life.

Atomic habits, as the name suggests – are small/easy actions and decisions performed routinely. When these habits compound upon each other, they create momentum for change. To change your behaviour, make your new habits obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. Commit to making small changes for an extended amount of time and your life will change significantly.

How to create atomic habits for yourself?

  1. Build a structure to get 1% better every day.
  2. Work on one habit at a time and build that into your routine. Find what suits your best – your “sweet spot”
  3. Create your day’s schedule in priority of tasks and set time bound deadlines for yourself.
  4. Create an optimum working space. Your bed is for relaxing, your kitchen is for cooking and your work space is solely for working. Once you define your areas, your mind will automatically step into work-mode when your enter your work space.
  5. Make time for new habits – when you have a set routine, small habits such as reading 5 pages of a book in the morning or nurturing a plant you just adopted is certain to make a difference. It gives you a quick sense of productivity and responsibility.
  6. Be your own source of motivation.


Start with your first atomic habit today!