It’s all in the mind!

Heard that one? It’s true.

Beliefs form Habits that drive our Behaviour

Leadership is a behavior. Not an action!

Each of us understands leadership differently. Simply because we all have different life experiences. Our experiences reinforce the beliefs we have. This creates the habits which drive our perception of leadership.
Individually and professionally there’s one insight that’s extremely beneficial for us.

Leadership is all about communication. Verbal and non-verbal.
With 80% of communication being non-verbal, that makes leadership a behavior.

This makes it important for us to understand how we end up forming habits. How our values and beliefs are the foundation blocks of the communication our behavior shows.

This insight is one that we often aren’t conscious of. Resulting in continuing our habit-driven behavior unintentionally. Not knowing what changes to make or how.

To help you address that at Clarity Talks we now bring you the “Leadership Behaviour Workshops”.

Dates: July 9-11, 2021

Time: 4:30 PM UAE/ 6:00 pm India/ 8:30 PM Malaysia/ 12:30 GMT


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    It’s all in the mind!

    The communication we do is actually driven by our mindset.

    When we communicate it’s our perception of how our customer or colleague or family member would understand our message. The perception that’s formed based on how our mindset is.

    We hear a lot about the right mindset, growth mindset, having resilience, 

    and that mindset matters.

    CSR- Think Well

    Well-being means ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.
    It encompasses both physical & mental health.

    To be comfortable, healthy, and happy we, individually, have to take responsibility and accountability for our mental health.


    What we think, we do.

    Our state of mind drives our actions. Understanding “how” and “what” nourishes our mind, creates the foundation for good physical health. Together they create the feeling of being comfortable with oneself.

    At Clarity Talks, our purpose is to help you, as a professional, be mentally resourceful and resilient such that it reflects self-leadership in your communication. Understanding one’s own mindset, and the impact of beliefs and values on behavior goes a long way in having well-being. 

    In delivering on our purpose we, at Clarity Talks, support and advocate employee wellbeing. 

    We believe it is people who are the most important asset of any organization. People, like you & I, with hopes and aspirations who are engaged in activities for the benefit of the organization. 

    Those activities have social, interpersonal, interactions that impact emotional wellbeing. Which in turn affects the mindset that creates the resultant productivity.

    Using our expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Communication skills we support organizations that have the objective of ensuring their people feel comfortable, healthy, and happy. All to ensure a healthy, positive work culture and quality productivity.

    Our 45 minutes ‘Think Well’ program is our way of giving back. It covers:

    We do this free of charge. All we ask is for you to allow us to share the session in our social media communication.

    Are you ready to make your team feel comfortable, healthy & happy❓

    Write to us if you would like us to organize this workshop for your employees:

      Did you know that our mindset is influenced by our beliefs and values?


      It’s what impacts how we communicate.


      Have you ever thought about why you have the thoughts you do?


      Ever wondered how you can stop your mind from focusing on worries, doubts, or negative thoughts?

      At ClarityTalks We Are All About Helping You & Your Team Have The All-Important Synergy Of Mindset & Communication By Guiding You In:

      We Do This Through Our Proprietary Programmes that Have Been Developed Through A Combination Of Specific Neuro-Linguistic Programming Meta Models & Communication Skills.

      Resulting in creating clarity in your leadership and interpersonal communication. Clarity helps you know your thoughts, have the presence of mind, be in the moment and most importantly, understand how the recipient of your communication prefers to receive information.

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