The Basics of NLP

Communication Excellence Program

Communication is a given that every human being does.

Communication is a given that every human being does. 

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are communicating every moment.

After working with people from all over the world, We still find that the basics of understanding the aspects of communication and how it influences people is missing. 

In NLP, communication is understood and developed as a behaviour. It evolves from the point of beliefs, patterns, calibrations, and rapport.

Our signature program on communication, “The Basics of NLP- Communication Excellence (Sensory systems and sub modalities) has been helping people understand the verbal and non verbal aspects of communication both from a conscious mind as well as the subconscious mind’s perspective.


It is a 6 weeks online group coaching program,
where you learn and develop:

The aspects of verbal and non verbal communication.

The representation systems that we use for communication (internal and external).

Sub-modalities of the representational systems and their impact on non verbal communication.

The impact of rapport and mirroring.

Influencing and Persuasion skills through deep listening.

Roadmap for Individual success

Meta model questions and how they change beliefs and perceptions which limit understanding.

Patterns of thinking and their impact on communication effectiveness.

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will observe:

Heightened awareness to the words, tonality and intent of verbal communication.

Non judgemental listening skills that will enhance understanding.

More connectedness on a subconscious level while communicating.

Effortless empathetic listening.

Elimination of conflicts.

Ability to influence with least effort.

It doesn’t matter what role you are playing in your personal or professional life, if you are not communicating effectively, you are not performing to your best.


If you are an excellent communicator, We invite you to discover how your excellence can improve beyond imagination.


If you are interested to understand the behaviour of communication and develop it, then send a message

What our clients have to say

What our clients have to say about this program-

With Naheed and the NLP sessions with her, the person can explore more about himself or herself and people around them.

“Its Live Brain programming session!!! and you will experience this in Live session”.

You Enter the session as different person and after the sessions you evolve as different person with New Mindset. Every Session has new learning.

The Experience is rich and will make you want to learn more and deep dive more in NLP.

“Its better you Experience it once”. The learning can be implemented in personal, professional and business purpose and growth.

I have experienced this with Naheed and would love to undergo more transformation session to think differently.

Ninad Kedare

Sr. Manager- Commercial Operations at TCS. | India

“ll absolutely vouch for this program. It creates a very powerful change in how we view the world and how we deal with difficulties in life. Makes us reframe our current beliefs by applying different meaning to behaviours. As a sales person it also helps me understand the prospect when they communicate thereby building trust with them.
Thanks Naheed, with your easy style this was a great learning session”

Kavita Bothra

Partner – Primassure LLP

I attended the NPL basics and I do recommend it. It is a great trainning it will help you to have a more efficient communication when you are able to understand the differences between different ways to interpret the same message.

Paulo Funchal

Transaction Adviser Services Patner at ZF Partners, | Brazil

I had the privilege of exploring NLP under the tutelage of Naheed ma’am taking us through the NLP Basics Course. It is only correct to say that I am now much evolved and conscious of actions and reactions around me. I am a better communicator and even improved listener now. No matter what field one is from, NLP will find its applications certainly. I had an incredible experience and gained an ocean of knowledge. Thank you ma’am!

Khyati Arora

Research Trainee at Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital Level 1 BGCI certified Genetic Counselor

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