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“The 21 st century skills” is like that person, looking at whom we turn away and change our direction. But as
we stand at this juncture of global transformation, the skills that the future jobs need are also changing.
Thus, the question arises, how to prepare for the world or the job that doesn’t exist as yet? The answer is
simple if you look around.
The answer is You.
If you can create and innovate new ideas using the resources at hand, you don’t need to worry about the
future, just get busy creating it.
The modern meaning of innovation can be articulated as “a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations”
to make life easier.
Innovation can be the solution – whether is constructing a productive day routine, or expediting your
business growth to possibly anything, a touch of innovation is all you need.
Where do we draw innovation from? – as we said, You. The spark of being able to innovate anything is
within you. In our previous blog, cognitive flexibility gives you the freedom to think, channelize this into
innovating what is best for you, hence, leading to the greater good for the society.
To understand how you can improve efficiency on a personal level, you must innovate and be able to find
solutions to smaller problems that stand as hurdles in our daily life. Similarly, for a company – innovating
the right culture and re-inventing the landscape is certain to bring a shift.
Doable steps that can be conduits to innovation –
1) Engage and empower the entire team. Do the same on a personal level.
2) Suspend judgement – try to find “the good” in every idea. Be attentive to details.
3) Fail, but fail soon – the sooner you try, the sooner you can learn from your mistakes.
4) Set a good example and leave a legacy.
5) Try to create a conducive environment to stimulate better ideas.