META Sales Excellence Masterclass

Did you know that the top sales professionals use NLP techniques to excel in their performance?

Would you like to learn them and become a master at sales, persuasion & influence?

The ability to sell to and persuade your clients will give you the success you want faster than ever!

Learning how to sell and persuade people is a skill that everyone can learn and apply. And when you learn it the NLP way, success is guaranteed.

The Meta (most effective tactics available) Sales Excellence masterclass will give you the easiest and most effective tools to increase your sales success strategies. (S3).

Here is what you'll learn in this masterclass:

Join this 90-minute masterclass to instantly enhance your selling skills and increase your closing numbers.

Communicate Excellence- The Basics of NLP

An online program, where you will learn how to observe, how to elicit, and how to understand “communication” as you have never done before.

Communicate Excellence will equip you with the Basics of NLP- Sensory Systems and Submodalities. It’s a model of excellence which will transform the skill of communicating and develop Emotional Intelligence as a behavior.

The benefits of this program are :

7 weekly sessions of 2 hours each with exercises, activities, and interactions.

Know Yourself Know Your Market

Everything we need to be successful lies within us. Self is where it all starts.
Understanding this creates clarity, emotional intelligence, and importantly, provides valuable strategic direction in leading oneself. This self-leadership occurs when we have clarity of mindset and purpose. It helps our communication. Through which we connect, influence, and engage. It’s the secret ingredient we all have and can tap into. It’s all about knowing how.

Know Yourself Know Your Market

We bring you 3 days, 2 hours/day, an experiential program called “Know Yourself Know Your Market” that covers:

What’s your benefit?

A 3-in-1 frankly speaking!
You get to know how to:

Clarity and Leadership Behaviour

Leadership is a behavior. Not a skill!

Each of us understands leadership differently. Simply because we all have different life experiences. Our experiences reinforce the beliefs we have. This creates the habits which drive our perception of leadership.

At Clarity Talks, we bring you the “Leadership Behaviour Workshops”.

4 sessions over 4 days covering:

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