It is only correct to ask if you have ever pulled an all-nighter to study and/or finish something that could have been completed. The truth is, you need sleep both before and after learning to be able to assimilate and retain the information learned.

Before – because it needs to make your brain capable of receiving information.

After – because it needs to make your brain capable of retaining that information.

There’s a 40% deficit in the ability of the brain to make new memories if the individual does not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep also subsequently increases the risk of certain disorders and cancers. Apart from generic advice, that is cutting down alcohol, caffeine, and avoiding naps during the day, it is quintessential to maintain regular timings of when one falls asleep and wakes up (here is your tip 1!).


How to sleep well? – Create optimum conditions.

  • Sleep in cooler and dark environments. The body needs a drop in temperature to fall asleep and works better the following day when your pineal gland has recharged in darkness.
  • Do not sleep empty stomach or thirsty.
  • Have a set time to sleep and wake up, your body will hear you.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Comfortable mattress and pillows.


Benefits of a good sleep –

  • Better information processing and concentration
  • Efficient learning
  • Enhanced emotional balance
  • Regulated blood sugar levels and improve immune system functioning
  • During sleep, the human growth hormone is produced which is a natural anti-aging hormone, thus, not only helping you body cells but particularly your skin!
  • Good sleeping pattern also controls and/or maintains your body weight


“Sleep is a non-negotiable biological activity! ”

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