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Career 10X

Career 10X is our exclusive solution which aims to help students explore their passions, draw a SWOT analysis, identify their natural talent and potential, to prepare an action plan for the future. This unique Career Coaching program based on Behaviour Science, studies preferences based on natural behaviour. Our behaviour based approach combined with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming has guided thousands of students to look beyond the obvious and discover the career that has helped them reach the zenith of their success.

It focuses on the unique skills and talents, communication style, inner motivational drive and creating a transformational mindset aligned with individual growth.

Learning Outcome-

1. Identify individual behavioral preferences that impact and effect performance.
2. Identify personal values and priorities
3. Define their purpose for education, growth and career.
4. Identify the motivators for growth and change
5. Identify the right career fit as per their behavioral preferences.
6. Enable the youth to leverage their natural talents and strengths.
7. Empower them to develop the skills that will make them future assets.
8. Access the learning state for continuous growth and positive impact in life.

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The Futurist is designed to develop skills

The Futurist is designed to develop skills of the future by creating a transformational mindset which leads to a paradigm shift in the participants. It introduces the participants to advanced tools and techniques for creative problemsolving. These further develop skills like Leadership, People Management, and Collaboration based on Creative Synergy Relationships.

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1. The “Find Your Apple” workshop to help young learners to explore their inspiration and find their muse for success and happiness.
2. The “21st century leader” capsule aims to help the participants imbibe qualities like empathy, compassion, cognitive flexibility, art of deep listening, communication, etc which will define the leaders of the future.
3. The “Genius Mindset” capsule is aimed towards unshackling the human brain from self imposed limits to dream and achieve the impossible.

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The Genius Mindset capsule
Futurwits Workshop Glimpses

Based on extensive research about the changes that are happening all around the world. The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, the technological advancements and the changing nature of jobs and work, we have designed our programs to address the growing need of the skills that will be needed for the future of work.

  • Ma'am the "design thinking and innovation workshop" was pretty good ! We learnt about how innovation is the leading factor in organization these days and how important is innovation for a better world! We were also told about how to treat our problems and challenges, how to overcome them and get a solution out of it. The overall class was good and beneficial to us! The first session of Design thinking workshop by Naheed ma'am was a magnificent experience for me.....not only did we learn how to design our thinking but also it was an eye opener for to approach my problem...and the best part was that "the solution already exists before there's a problem" so there's no problem in this world which cannot be solved... It really helped me to differentiate between what I think is a problem and what the actual problem is.. Now that I know the concept of problems (all thanks to Naheed ma'am and teachers out here) I would deal them with confidence knowing there's already a solution...I can feel the changes in me after the session...when I listen to someone's problem without being judgemental and seeing it through their perspective...In a nutshell this session was really promising and providential one... eagerly looking forward to the next session..😇😇


  • The First session of Design Thinking Workshop was an inside out experience for me. The session was very informative and interesting which taught me about various new topics and things of which I was unaware till date. It seems that this workshop is going to be a propitious one for all who are taking it seriously. The first session of design thinking and innovation by Naheed ma'am was an awesome experience... She actually talked about things which are practically applicable... Not just theory based... It boosted our creativity.... It changed my entire perspective about problems... Now I know what problems actually are And in any situation I will try to recognize the actual problems based on her guidelines... It was extremely helpful and exciting... Looking forward to next sessions...


  • First session with "Naheed maam" ___LEARNED___ - There is always ways for no ways. - so, we should first observe the problem. - put your idea on it to solve. - if possible make a group to work on it. - Be unique by observing even small things like ant which usually people neglect. - improve mindset to improve world. ___Significances___ - It helps us improve our leadership skills. - It helps to improve our mindset. - It helps to improve our observing skills ( observing body language, eye contact, etc. Lastly, thanks for giving us such a precious chance to talk with "Naheed maam" Thank you, - Rana akhter

    Rana akhter

  • The first session of the design thinking workshop was indeed captivating and interesting!! It feels great to attend a seminar that not only talks about creativity and innovation but also guides how to approach and execute them overcoming adversities surrounding it . The workshop was of immense help!!😊I found the first session very interesting as it was a complete new experience for me. I feel this workshop will help me in future . All thanks to Naheed mam . looking forward to the next session ☺️


  • Last year, after my 12th boards I was extremely confused on what to do next. I was interested in different courses but I didn’t know what would be right for me and I was afraid of choosing the wrong one. At the right point of my life I met my philosopher and guide. I underwent some career coaching and we talked extensively about my likes, dislikes my dreams and fears. The sessions gave me a deeper insight into myself and helped me make it clear about how I want to see myself in a few years down the line and what I want to do. She helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life.

    Alina Jamal

    Student at NALSAR, Hyderabad — State Topper in CLAT 2018 — National Ranking 130th

  • Naheed, I’m writing to you to convey our appreciation for your excellent work with our students - be it in helping them discover their calling or guiding them back towards a focused approach towards their goals. The students’ feedback on your guidance sessions have been very encouraging and we are sure that this association can benefit many more such individuals.

    Director, Marketing — The Princeton Review - Manya Abroad (Guwahati)

  • Naheed has helped me regain focus on goals regarding career and other things. I would definitely recommend her to those looking for a sense of direction in their life.

    Tenaz Shanice Cardoz

    Marketing & Communications Strategist

  • Naheed ma'am is very friendly and approachable, and she can connect very well to your problems. Her innovative methods of training helps you fundamentally rethink your problems and you feel the difference instantaneously, I am glad she helped me take a deeper introspection of myself and guided my thought process in the right direction inculcating a lot of positivity. I would definitely recommend her to any person who wants to make a change in their lives for the better.

    Sayan Banerjee

    — Article Assistant | Xavierian | Transfer | CA Finalist — BDO India LLP

  • Naheed Mam is best at her work. She define her work as a mindset coach. Whenever I feel low and unfocused. The one and only name cames into my mind is Naheed Khan. She brings positivity, vision confidence in me. She is very kind hearted person. She always respond with full of humbleness and politeness to me. She also help me in deciding the right path regarding career or mentality. She is a self made person and deserve all the success in her life.

    Sudhanshu Sharma

    Digital MarketingNews 24

  • Naheed Khan is one of the important connections of mine on Linkedin and I am fortunate to have interacted with and shared my problems with her. She is the person who will make you feel warm in her presence and gives you the opportunity to have your say. She has this uncanny ability to be able to make you feel at ease when you are going through the most difficult time in your life. And that is the most important non-physical attribute a trainer should have. The way she expresses and solves the problem logically that the person will fail to be melancholy even when he is alone. Her experience, her knowledge and her passion towards dealing with people's issue are highly effective. I f you are facing any difficulties and do not wish to be prejudiced then surely Naheed Khan is the one whom you should give a thought to.

    Hesamul Haque

    Carte Blanche

Why Futurwits?
Integrating Human

Integrating human intelligence with technology to develop future-ready leaders

Problem Solving Skills

Developing emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills


Bridging the gap between expectations and reality

Self Awareness

Creating self-awareness and individual success roadmap

Management Skills

Building leadership and people management skills