What we do

We cannot wait for the workforce of tomorrow to arrive. It is necessary to train and prepare current workers for the changes that will happen in the future.

NLP Workshops

Humans are creatures of habits and our mind works in patterns. These patterns have a structure and a process which direct our behaviour, our actions and our reactions.


With the help of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), you discover what these patterns are and learn how to model them so that you can understand people, their communication styles and their behavioural patterns. NLP also empowers you to with decision making abilities that are can change the direction of your business and your life. But most importantly you learn how to motivate and inspire yourself and others effortlessly.

Our Signature programs include

All our workshops are customized according to the needs of the organization.


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NLP Workshop

Transformations in L&D

L&D is all about developing the skills of people so that they can perform better. In the future organisations, we are looking at more empowered teams leading transformations which starts with the basic thinking patterns of the employees.


We equip your team skills that empower Creative Problem Solving, Innovative thinking  and Mental Resilience which develops flexibility for Change. 


We work as your L&D support to optimise your ROI from your Training and Development initiatives.


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Transformational Leadership

Our approach to Leadership Development is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Development
  3. Self Leadership
  4. Leading others.

A self aware leader is one who empowers creativity and growth and leads by example. This approach to transformational leadership establishes an environment that leads to the identification and creation of solutions in the most challenging times.


We empower your leaders to inspire and motivate the team and navigate the path for their team in all the uncertainties. We cultivate a mindset of innovation that is focussed on creating solutions even when none exist.


With our Unique programs we empower Personal Leadership and optimise Professional Leadership, and develop individuals into leaders who have a solution oriented mindset and lead with authenticity and trust.


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Individual Development

A team is made up of individuals and every individual is unique. To create a synergistic team, it is important to identify the strengths and individual behavioural competencies of the team members.


When a team is united on strengths and works on a common vision that is aligned with their personal goals the success of an organisation is inevitable.


We help organisations to create individual development plans (IDP) and empower their human intelligence with a futuristic mindset. They learn how to develop mental strength and optimise their performance and productivity.


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Organisation Development and Change

We offer bespoke solutions and support to align people development strategies and initiatives with Organisation Development Goals.


Our team of experts work with you to identify the culture alignment, analyse the synergy of individual and organisational value system and enable the transitions through various interventions of Mindset transformation, Personal Development and Skill optimisation to empower a wholistic and effective implementation of OD initiatives.


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Psychometric Assessments

We support organisations and Individuals with one of the best behavioural psychometric assessment in the world. They are based on subconscious behaviour and hence bring out the behavioural competencies and skills of an individual that are most natural to them.

Our services are customised to facilitate the utilisation of these tools for 

  • Recruitment
  • Leadership Development
  • Training and Development needs identification
  • Competency based recruitment and development
  • Creating synergistic teams
  • Developing Individual Development Roadmaps.

To know more about the tools and how they can be applied to suit your organisational needs, contact us today.

Programs for Youth

We empower students to master the skills of the future and create a future roadmap for success.

Based on extensive research about the changes that are happening all around the world. The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, the technological advancements and the changing nature of jobs and work, we have designed our programs to address the growing need of the skills that will be needed for the future of work.

Career 10X

Careers today are more than just aptitude, there is a science involved in how we make our career choices. It is based on Behaviour, our Subconscious Mind and our Natural Talents.


We will guide the students to explore their passion, identify their true potential and their natural talents and provides for a roadmap to build a successful career and a fulfilled life.

Genius Mindset

The future is not about the conventional anymore. It’s the 21st century, we have more than 70% of our youth opting for entrepreneurship. We have 133 million new jobs waiting to be created. And it will be created by our youth.


It’s time to change our approach. It’s time to look within before we look out. It’s time to align our passion with our purpose. “When what we do is what we love, we don’t work for a day in our life”..This is what the current generation believes in and this is their secret to success.

Genius is a mindset. It’s more then growth. It’s more than positive. It’s a Futurist Mindset.

Future Leaders

This is our signature program which develops skills and teaches the application of the process of Continuous Improvement for exponential growth and success.


It is wholistic approach which begins with identifying self, developing values, building skills, obtaining technical expertise by engaging in hands on real time project based learning and ends at a Personal Optimisation. The module is extensive to growth and also includes a developmental growth plan for the participants.

Based on extensive research about the changes that are happening all around the world. The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence, the technological advancements and the changing nature of jobs and work, we have designed our programs to address the growing need of the skills that will be needed for the future of work.

Why Futurwits?

There is no better time than NOW to equip oneself for the evolution of humans once again, to build the future brick by brick and the style of living it demands. Our programs are designed to address growing necessities of understanding the psyche of the future.

Integrating human intelligence with technology to develop future-ready leaders.

Developing emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Bridging the gap between expectations and reality.

Creating self-awareness and individual success roadmap.

Building leadership and people management skills.

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